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“Phyllis was very patient and kind. Very personable and made my signing exciting yet calmed my anxiety about the whole thing.”

— Marlon Abernathy, Purchaser

"I inherited a home from my father who thought the title to the home was cleared by a judge due to an earlier complicated fraud case. When trying to sell the home we discovered there were still three liens on the home. My wife and I begin working in 2021 with each of the involved entities and a lawyer, without success. Fast forward to 2023 when we were given Ms. Russo’s name at American Family Title Agency. Within three months of working with them, all of the liens were released, and the title was cleared! Now thanks to American Family Title Agency’s knowledgeable and professional staff, we are able to sell the home. They were wonderful to work with, communications were clear, and frequent status updates were provided to us. We are grateful to all of the timely and professional work they did for us at a very reasonable fee. If you need this kind of title work, I highly recommend Ms. Russo and the American Family Title Agency staff. I cannot express how pleased we are with our experience with them."

— Gerald Hill, Seller

“American Family Title Agency handled a few deals for us and I will say their team was great and everything went smooth. They explained every step with us and answered any questions we had and responded in a timely manner. We have never been disappointed and would highly suggest them!!”

— Mary Ann Falsone, Purchaser

“I am so grateful I found American Family Title. I was shopping around for costs from title companies and they had the best pricing. Even though they cost less, their service was still top notch. They had everything done quickly and our closing went great. I highly recommend using them. We will be returning clients with this company.”

— Joseph L. Tada, Borrower